Project Overview

For Advent, a Nashville-based design firm, the world is not made of atoms. It’s made of stories, and its brand of storytelling is as much philanthropy as it is business.

Advent creates engaging brand spaces to connect clients with larger stories, but when it came time to tell their own, they trusted us to weave the narrative. Advent provided a logo and we handled the rest, spinning their successes into an energetic website that celebrates both the firm’s brilliant portfolio of visual storytelling as well as its culture of giving back to the world.

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Work that matters

Our approach was to hone in on what makes Advent…well, Advent. It quickly became clear to us that this was a firm made up of people who believe in doing work that matters, and not just through the inspiring environments they create for client brands. Advent also focuses on investing in local charities and organizations that have an impact all over the globe, an aspect of its culture that is an important part of its story and our design strategy.

Content strategy

First impressions

Every great portfolio places its projects center stage, which is why we designed the site around Advent’s work. Since we knew the majority of the site’s visitors would be potential new clients, we opted for a sleek, clean presentation to showcase the brand experiences that established Advent’s credibility as a powerhouse design firm.

User experience

Finer details

Designing a brand experience is all about the details, an Advent philosophy that inspired our strategy as well. Intentionality led the design of everything from the main navigation features to the fine print of the header. We added only what was absolutely necessary in order to create an effortless user experience. This allowed important details to emerge, like the responsive carousel on the homepage, which adjusts to browser size. Browsing galleries is a cinch, too, either through keyboard navigation or a swipe; filters simplify viewing since they sort by category.