Anaheim Ducks

Project Overview

A merchandise dream space for its fans, the Anaheim Ducks Team Store is part of the $20 million Grand Terrace project at the Honda Center. But a visit to the store gets you more than just a tee-shirt; it’s a chance to relive the 2007 Stanley Cup ceremony, thanks to our barn burning interactive experience.

Product Details

A Moment to Remember

Walk to the center of the Anaheim Ducks Team Store and you’ll find a Stanley Cup replica engraved with the names of the 2007 championship team, surrounded by interactive video touchscreens. If there’s not a line, grab a pair of head phones, and get ready for the sights and sounds of the highlight clips and celebration. Or celly, for all you hockey fans.

Our Process

One shot to get it right

Unlike a website where we can easily make iterations, the app had to be done right the first time. With no Internet access at the Team Store, we needed to program and locally install each display, no chance for remote updating. A tight deadline added another challenge: We had to complete and install the app before the grand opening event, and we received final assets only a few weeks before the deadline. Good thing we thrive under pressure.

User experience

App in motion

In the design process, we blended some of the client’s ideas with a few of our own. We sketched out the layout and functionality, with the goal of making the user interface dead simple since the app would be used by fans of all ages and in a busy environment. A simple tap gets you started and launches the video screen. A timeline displays five clips through a custom-built video player that loads selected video with a fully customized controls displayed on video pause. When the app is idle, a screensaver with the Ducks logo appears and resets the app.