David Lloyd & Associates

Extraordinary Access

As an elite private travel concierge, David Lloyd goes to the ends of the earth to open doors for his clients. Literally. Whether he’s renting a palace for a private performance by the St. Petersburg ballet, or planning a sunrise Bat Mitzvah on the eastern end of Masada with a 50-person Israeli orphan choir backing up the cantor, Lloyd offers his clients private access to realms most people only dream about. So, asked to redesign all levels of his brand, we studied our own wanderlust and created an experience that serves as a digital knock on the door to the extraordinary.


Not your typical travel agent

An initial meeting with Lloyd left us with our jaws on the floor and some pretty clear insights: this guy isn’t about ordinary travel. We’re talking a whole new level of exclusivity here, which is why he adamantly opposed the word travel agent. Adventure-maker is more accurate for the work he does, hand-crafting transformative experiences for an elite clientele, the ones who want more than glitzy tourist hotels and must-see destinations. Lloyd wasn’t after wide awareness for his brand; he’d be happy to land a new client or two.

Content strategy

Anything’s Possible

Lloyd’s level of service is not for everyone: his clients are hungry for depth and substance in their travel experience. Quality and thrill, too, no matter the price tag. We took this level of expectation and imagined a logo that would be synonymous with exceptional detail and trust, a three-letter monogram that he could use on everything from stationary to coffee table books. From there, we infused the site with elements that roused the senses and played up nostalgia and beauty for that anything’s possible tone. Because it is, if you’re David Lloyd.

User experience

Wander away

Gorgeous, moody photographs are a key element to the web design. With input from Lloyd, we sorted through hundreds of options until we could piece together an exquisite storyboard that showcased the divine luxury and dreamlike wonder that echoed the vast possibility of the brand. With that in place, the user can fall into a digital adventure thanks to a layering effect of the photos and dark sepia overlay that add contrast to section header panels. Attention to small details provide a smooth browsing experience, with animated page scrolling and floating navigation for depth and movement.

Digital Book App

Creative Solutions

Smarter solutions make for better business, which is why we turned Lloyd’s beautiful but impractical coffee-table book itineraries into a digital book app. Prior to this, Lloyd would provide his clients with hardcover book detailing information on every aspect of the trip: the destination’s history and geography, photos, accommodation information and contact numbers. While pleased with the gesture, clients found the books too large to pack. Great idea, needed to re-imagine the execution. So we came up with a digital equivalent, an app that gives the client access to every detail of their program. Designed especially for mobile devices, the framework was geared to work with ease and speed across platforms, with a custom-built backend that made it easy to manage.