Earl Swensson Associates

Designing the Future

A half-century of iconic architectural designs fuels a future of possibility for Earl Swensson Associates. The award-winning architectural firm makes its business of believing that people drive design—and good design improves lives. Their philosophy rang true for us, too, so we applied it to the design of the company’s new web platform. The result? A digital presence as strong as the foundation upon which Earl Swensson Associates has built practically everything.

Now that’s a good philosophy indeed.

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Our Process

People first

To begin, we delved in to the business behind the business, immersing ourselves in the ESa world in order to understand what made the company so successful. We discovered their story was so much more than merely designing a pretty building or conquering a sophisticated architectural process. The emerging theme centered around people—putting people first. It’s why clients always come back, why their employees stay at the firm.

Content strategy

Shaping a digital narrative

With an eye on the future, ESa is an industry leader when it comes to infusing is structures with cutting-edge technology and innovation, a trait we highlighted throughout the site. The content strategy worked in tandem with the design, relying on clean lines and vivid, well-curated images to craft a portfolio that celebrates both form and function. We wove the “people first” narrative fluidly throughout the design, using strong copy to underscore the visual elements. Rather than describe the facts about the company, we focused on the the WHY, the aboutness of the company that drives what it does and build lasting relationships in the process.

User experience

Intuitive structure

With such an impressive portfolio of work, establishing credibility came shining through the digital elements, though the data needed a more intuitive structure. We developed a content management system that would provide an exceptional yet effortless user experience that showcased both the quality and the diversity of the work ESa accomplished. This strategy organized the site into simple, specific sections so visitors could easily start imagining what’s possible.