Heritage Tours Private Travel

An Immersive Experience

Where you travel is important, but for Heritage Tours Private Travel, how you get there makes all the difference. Setting the standard in custom-designed private travel, the company built its reputation on unparalleled global connections and highly curated experiences. By showcasing the creativity of the company with stunning photography and unique visual systems for each travel destination, we created an immersive digital presence that begs to be explored.

Identity and logo

A timeless brand

More than 20 years ago, the company began as an idea on the founder’s drafting table. Now, it’s an award-winning trendsetter in handcrafted, private travel experiences. Building that history into its new identity, we created a classic typographic logo paired with a Moroccan tile-inspired icon, a combination that emanated both luxury and travel.

Content strategy

Intuitive structure

Once an elite brand was in place, we developed a visual system to organize the content into five main destinations, with custom logos for each category. We benchmarked information design and curated every source of inspiration from subway systems to signage, giving each sub-level its own color to create a quickly identifiable structure.

Web Design

Inspiring content

Creativity and attention-to-detail revitalized the company’s digital presence and customized the experience. Carefully curated thumbnail images boosted click-throughs, while testimonials interspersed throughout the site enhance credibility.