Ker & Downey

Project Overview

Not all who wander are lost, especially if they are on an adventure handcrafted by luxury travel company Ker & Downey. Since 2009, we’ve been guiding the company’s digital presence into an evolving reflection of its white-glove expertise and unprecedented access to the globe’s four corners. This partnership has yielded Ker & Downey results as significant as the adventures it designs: with recognition from industry partners, it’s secured its place as the best of the best in experiential travel. Most recently, Ker and Downey was named the #1 Top Safari Outfitter by the prestigious Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards.

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Information Architecture

Groundwork for success

When Ker & Downey came to us in 2009 for a website to match an internal company rebrand, we saw an opportunity: after a month of code-wrangling, we decided to migrate their existing content to an open-source platform. While the enormous scope of this project was time-consuming, ultimately, it provided Ker & Downey a well-organized CMS interface built upon WordPress. Easier to use, effortless to manage.


Responsive design

Five years later, it was time to invite mobile traffic into Ker & Downey’s digital experience. Featuring expertly curated photography and modern typography, the overall feel is intriguing and exciting. Most importantly, it translates flawlessly on all devices so the user can delve into the true spirit of the destination.

Because the company’s reputation stems from its unique commitment to a flawless client experience, we decided this characteristic of service needed to apply to Ker & Downey’s digital presence as well. We restructured navigation elements to make it easier to move through the site, and added an intuitive site feature that included keyword suggestions based on popular searches. But perhaps the biggest success came from combining the Properties and Destination sections, which provided a much simpler path to exploring the content.

“Half of our web traffic comes from a mobile device and the ease of accessibility has increased time spent on our website by users. Making our site responsive has led to great things!”
—Katy Heerssen, Marketing Manager