Maya Angelou

Project Overview

Hailed for her poignant observations and status as a global renaissance woman, Dr. Maya Angelou left a captivating legacy that will transcend generations with its wisdom and truth. As digital curators for her work, we had the thrilling opportunity to develop a digital brand strategy and website that celebrated her contribution to the world.

Website Strategy

A distinguished career

Our approach began with an elegant logo and a digital chronicle of her distinguished career and achievements. Sorting through a trove of treasured moments, we designed an intuitive video gallery that showcased the inclusion of Dr. Angelou’s inspiring work at various moments in history.

Thoughtful arrangements of curated photos connected a visual narrative of her incredible life as a best-selling author and activist, elevating her historical impact as visitors remembered her with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Oprah. These moments played well with customized sidebars, designed to encourage further exploration of the site, and versatile modules that could be used to promote selected books or events.

Bonus Materials

Added benefits

While the site didn’t include a webstore, a full list of Dr. Angelou’s complete works linked to Amazon and generated a high-volume of click-through referrals. Additionally, a custom content management system kept the site up-to-date, and also helped us manage a very large mailing list.