MK Asante

Project Overview

Hailed by national media as a master storyteller and major creative force, MK Asante is a bestselling author, award-winning filmmaker, rapper, and professor. He’s also a good friend to Hart & Vine, a creative collaborator who came to us more than seven years ago when he first started thinking about his digital brand. Since then, he’s seen exponential growth and opportunity, landing publishing deals, speaking engagements in over 40 countries, and national media attention.

We like to remind him we knew him when.

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Shaping perceptions

From day one, our singular focus was to create a beautiful brand. We relied on immersive aesthetics to cultivate instant credibility and intrigue in order to allow MK to share his story with a larger audience. This strategy opened doors for MK, giving the talented storyteller ample opportunities to step in and do what he does best: connect.

Website strategy

Captivating audiences

Once we saw MK perform his craft-blend of hip-hop storytelling at a college in Nashville, we knew we were dealing with a rising star. With a front row seat to MK’s remarkable brand of passion and drive, we’d draw from these qualities as we created a digital presence as captivating as the artist himself.


Many roles, one brand

To increase brand recognition, MK needed an image that communicated who he was as well as the different roles he plays. We went with a logo that allowed his initials to personify his brand. Hand lettering pays homage to a rich literary background and simultaneously draws reference to street graffiti. The result? A refined monogram that translates over a wide range of media and even apparel.


Iconic portraits

Photography became an essential tool in showcasing MK’s multi-faceted life and personality. Thoughtful art direction set an approachable yet intriguing tone, resulting in iconic portraits that can be used in a variety of promotional media, such as advertising, collateral, web and television.


Beautiful craft

While MK’s style has evolved since we met him, one constant remains—our collaborative commitment to beautiful craft. The work speaks for itself, with astonishing results: MK’s reach to a larger audience catapulted him into another stratosphere altogether, earning him a major publishing deal, speaking engagements at hundreds of colleges and festivals, and endless opportunity.

“My brand has grown exponentially because of Hart & Vine. They don’t just build sites, they build brands.”
—MK Asante