Pray For Hope

Project Overview

If one small prayer can make a difference, imagine what millions can do . . . This was the driving force behind Pray For Hope, a global initiative and passion project of the humanitarian-relief organization Convoy of Hope. In 2010, we jumped at the chance to join their effort, leading the strategy and development of multiple digital campaigns dedicated to motivating and mobilizing as much of the world as possible to remember the poor in prayer.

No small task.

Content Strategy

Moving millions

Since these campaigns relied on rallying the Pray for Hope network—compassion ministries, mission organizations, campus and youth ministries, denominations, local churches, business and individuals—our task was to design a movement that would inspire millions. More than just establishing a hub that provides information and resources, we needed to create a brand both large enough to reach people all around the world but small enough to enter their hearts and move them to action.

Logo Design

Digital watermarks

For our work to span multiple campaigns, we wanted an easily recognizable and relevant brand identity. We designed a set of 12 icons that stood for the 12 essential points of prayer, with a water drop serving as the primary mark to suggest rain and renewal. Subtly shaped, it also represents the letter P, bringing the logo itself back to the purpose of the movement.

User experience

A powerful combination

We know the power that comes with combining striking visuals and inspiring sound, tools we drew upon to create an introspective video that centered around a single question: What does your heart beat for? Award-winning motion designer and digital artist Barton Damer poured his incredible vision into producing the video, which paired with Matt Stanfield’s moving musical score for stunning effect.

“All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.”
—Galatians 2:10 NKJV