The Identical

Project Overview

We love when a client brings us a blank canvas, no rules, and few instructions. This was how our partnership began with the producers of “The Identical,” a motion picture starring Ashley Judd, Ray Liotta, Seth Green and Elvis Presley-era rock ‘n roll. By special request from the client, we put on our Hollywood outsider hats, stretched our arms wide in all that creative space, and set about creating an immersive digital experience to promote the movie and send its audience back in time.

Design Strategy

Modern take on vintage vibe

Bold pops of color and strong typography set the stage: a san-serif font provides visual contrast over a monochromatic cover image for eye-catching draw. Full-screen photos and subtle animations embellish a vintage vibe that still carries modern relevance and appeal to a younger audience.

User Experience

Moving picture

While the site features classic, must-have informational elements—plot synopsis, cast bios, still photos and several trailers—the homepage offers something different, hinting to the film’s emotional storyline. Using JavaScript, we created a fading effect triggered by scrolling, which gives dimensional contrast to two images of actor Blake Rayne, who plays twins in the film’s title role. And, since music plays a supporting role in the film, we gave it prominent billing on the site as well. We built a custom HTNL5 music player to stream clips from the soundtrack, which serves to build the energy of the experience.

Tech Talk

Big picture, small screen

Translating to mobile devices was a necessity for this experience, so we built an HTML5-based website that is compatible with all modern devices, giving it an edge over Flash-driven movie websites. While keyboard navigation adds to usability when available, we made swiping and tapping equally convenient on touch screen devices. Retina/HD screens reveal the beauty and dimension of high­-res photos, while icons and logos look clean and sharp via a custom font.