The Johnny Cash Museum

Project Overview

In a write-up for Rolling Stone, Kris Kristofferson once called Johnny Cash a Biblical character, a wild giant who should’ve had his face on Mount Rushmore as much for being a timeless voice of country music as he was friend to American presidents. So when we were brought in to develop a series of digital experiences that would bring the “Man in Black” to life for the Johnny Cash Museum, we rolled up our sleeves, pushed play, and immersed ourselves in everything we could find about the legendary musician.

The result? An experience so popular the museum expanded its Nashville-based building to accommodate the faithful fans who still can’t get enough. Not quite Mount Rushmore, Mr. Kristofferson, but you really should come check it out.

Touchscreen Displays

Innovative interaction

Our technical strategy centered around a digital experience that would invite users into the life and music of Johnny Cash. Incorporating decades of memorabilia, music, video and photos, we developed the interactive touchscreen displays for more than a dozen exhibits as well as the app for the Sun Records Listening Station.

User Experience

Growing a fanbase

With a solid base of older fans already in place, we wanted to create an interactive invitation that would appeal to a younger fanbase as well. Hand-selected music piped through headphones at listening stations provide an intimate setting for the musical journey, and well-curated videos draw visitors into the place and decade.

Tech Talk

Third time’s a charm

Exploring what was at the time cutting-edge technology, we went through several iterations before we landed on the best solution. Initially, we developed our concepts as web apps that depended on open source technology. Internet restrictions required us to change strategies, so we set up a server that would wirelessly broadcast the apps. Eventually, we found an even faster solution, a point of pride that underscores our dedication to innovative problem solving for the best possible results.

“I’m amazed at what’s here. People from all over the world will come to see this. ”
—Tommy Cash