Vanderbilt Bone and Joint

Project Overview

The Vanderbilt Bone and Joint clinic is in the business of keeping people moving, but lack of a cutting-edge web presence slowed it down when it came to connecting with patients. With a focus on ease of use, we created a welcoming new site that showcased its specialties and made it easy to request an appointment or find information.

Just what the doctor ordered. Maybe a tad bit more.

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A personal connection

For the longest time, the only way patients found clinic information was through, the massive site for the well-known Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Despite the superior orthopedic care they gave, the online structure made it hard to find resources or make appointments. We also wanted to play up their commitment to community involvement, positioning it as a personal, family-oriented clinic, a trickier move considering the size and depth of its namesake program.

Content Strategy

A treatment plan

To start, we created a color-coded content map, a visual hierarchy that connected to our goals and objectives for each page. This informed every design decision, from how we would appeal to a larger, more age-varied demographic to where we would provide doctor specific information that established the clinic’s credibility.

User Experience

Map to success

The goal-defined structure led to clear and concise navigation, with unique icons that called attention to different specialties and combine with the text to make the content easy to understand. The design relies on multiple layouts and configurations for the landing pages, with a built-in analytics tracking feature. We also created a quick-view window for patients to browse doctors’ biographical info, a move that upped the clinic’s credibility by presenting its medical team as experts in their field. The overall feel is welcoming; the site is professional yet approachable, and gives its users a sense of community that translates easily to mobile devices.


Up close and personal

To compliment this new web experience, we fired up our cameras and snagged some images of real life to associate with their brand. We prepared, planned and produced the photo shoot—a high school football game in which the Vanderbilt Bone and Joint Clinic represented both teams as team physicians. The goal? To capture moments that embodied their identity, flexible enough to work across key mediums for their own marketing and communications efforts. We delivered 100 authentic images that portrayed how the clinic’s doctors were truly living out their purpose of being a beacon of their community.