Project Overview

Out to prove the idea that imagination can get you anywhere, Ampl Labs invented a product to bring along for the ride: the world’s smartest backpack, which powers everything you carry with a single cord. When it came time to introduce the product, the California-based company came to us. Leveraging the momentum they were gaining through trade shows and press, we created a website that not only showcased their invention, it also helped successfully fund an Indiegogo campaign. In four days.

No kidding.

Content Strategy

Design on the fly

Two challenges welcomed us to the project from the get-go: an extremely quick turn-around time that would also require us to design the site while product information was still being produced. With this in mind, we held daily meetings and managed a ‘round-the-clock production schedule of photo shoots and digital product imaging. This made it possible to roll out the website in conjunction with their fundraising campaign.

User Experience

Innovative inspiration

To create a visual identity as fresh and innovative as the smart bag itself, we placed the product at the center of the experience and included a simple yet engaging narrative to describe its features. Users can explore every detail of the product through an interactive 3D imaging tool, integrated video and beautiful, hi-res photos that bring the bag to life. The result is a fully immersive site that captures the contagious excitement and energy stemming from the buzz around the product, with easy-to-update features for product updates and pre-order information.


Four-day funding and beyond

Once the site launched, the crowd-funding campaign kicked-off, too, so we settled back to watch the money come pouring in. Four days later, Ampl Labs was fully funded, an achievement that told us our work had successfully connected with those excited about the product’s potential and committed to seeing it become a reality. Our efforts also raised awareness of the product to span beyond the campaign. Satisfied, we collected the resulting news blurbs and word-of-mouth reviews that prove the smart bag is a wild success, and gave them their own popular section on the site.

“We are so proud of what we’ve created, and are happy to see that the Indiegogo campaign was so well received.”
—Mike Patton, co-founder of AMPL Labs