Boombox brand design


2022 – Present
Brand, Digital


Boombox is a music collaboration platform that allows musicians to store files, work together remotely, and manage song splits with just a few simple clicks. As fellow Nashville songwriters and music-makers, we jumped at the opportunity to design their brand, website, and app, given we could be their target demographic.


What we did

  • App Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • UX Strategy
  • UX/UI design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
Boombox logo breakdown
Boombox branding
Boombox branding

Creatives are used to juggling many different hats, both in their creative process and life. Boombox is flipping the script, with a platform that allows for less juggling and way more creating. That efficiency follows every aspect of our design. We streamlined the app interface down to intuitive UI elements, which could be replicated across various features to enhance familiarity. The look and feel is clean and at its core, mostly black and white, with versions for light mode and dark mode. Bold pops of “Boomberry” give it punch when needed, along with a full color palette used for artists profiles to allow expression in their profile pics.

First and foremost, we kept our focus on the target demographic throughout, making sure the app would honor the creative process by staying intuitive and free of distractions. While we spent many late nights and early mornings ensuring that every screen would enhance music-making collaboration, hearing the praise from its users is music to our ears.

The echo of the app interface can be heard throughout the website design and functionality. With a simple scroll you know what Boombox is about and more importantly, how you can sign up (insert smiley face). The pricing page reflects a consistent aesthetic paired with intentional copy, while the blog has a “no-nonsense” approach to content presentation, allowing the audience to engage quickly with the information they need. The result is a fun and approachable brand, introducing a game-changing tool for musicians.

Boombox branding
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