2019 – 2021
Brand, Digital


The founders of Build Asset Management left their careers in corporate leadership to start a company with an aim to help people build a better future.

We worked directly with the founders to develop a robust strategy for the product rollout. The branding goals were twofold: (1) create an identity that reinforced a positive, hopeful, empathy-driven message, and (2) craft a visual and written language that established trust and confidence with future partners.

What we did

  • Content Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Copywriting
  • Iconography
  • UX/UI Design
  • Development
  • Video Production

01 — Logo and Icon System Design

We were very intentional to help convey ‘growth’ and ‘building’ in a concise manner. This was accomplished through minimal shapes in the iconography that could be interpreted as a growth chart, building, or window being revealed.

02 – Brand Guidelines – We chose a bold color palette to emphasize prosperity and vibrancy to pair with the simplicity of the icon geometry, creating an elegant system that seamlessly translates to further brand extensions.

Build icons

03 – Introduction Video – Capturing ‘moving portraits’ of a wide range of talent utilizing high speed videography was key in connecting with the target demo in a way that felt authentic and truthful.

Build website design Build website design Build website design

04 —Designed to grow

When we began the project, one immediate challenge was building a website meant for products when products weren’t yet available. This led us to a content strategy based on a multi-phase launch, first addressing the need of getting a site up to establish the brand. Then, as products became available, we could shift focus and build upon the existing foundation.

Build home page design

05 — Tagline

One of the key elements of the brand launch was to integrate the unique URL The power of this was it was both memorable, and a call to action. We recommended elevating the “Get Building" tagline to leverage memorability around the brand, and using it as the primary CTA.

Build tagline example billboard
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