Earl Swensson Associates

2015 – Present
Web Design


Earl Swensson Associates is a national leader in innovative and functional design that was looking for an agency that could embody those values in telling their story in a clear and concise manner. With hundreds of projects spanning six decades, ESa chose Hart & Vine to help change the perception of the company from a firm primarily known for healthcare projects, to a multi-dimensional company that specializes in cutting-edge architecture across many sectors.

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What we did

  • Analytics/SEO
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

01 —Content Strategy

Our initial discovery sessions helped us fully understand the creativity, knowledge, and experience that ESa holds in their areas of design. To showcase the diversity and depth of their projects, a key focus was organizing an impressive amount of data and developing a custom CMS.

Information Architecture

The intuitive user experience showcasing their exceptional history is the result of detailed planning and organization.

02 —People First

Rather than lead with company facts, we focused on what drives the company and how it focuses on building lasting relationships in the process. The “people first” narrative was designed to flow seamlessly throughout the site, using strong copy to underscore the visual elements.

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